Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day

I have noticed this has been a hard week for my oldest two foster children. There has been a lot of talk this week about mothers. Who do these precious children think about this week? Who do they talk about? Who do they write about in their journal entries at school? They are watching me. They are watching to see if it's ok that they still love and long for their biological mother. My heart breaks for them. We are meeting their biological mom for dinner tomorrow. I told the kids yesterday about our visit. I told them that the gifts they are making at school could be for either mom. I told them we will celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow with their mom. They both told me that they want to bring their hand made, heart felt gifts to their momma tomorrow. I smiled at them both and told them that will be so nice for their mom. Yes my heart did ache a little. In our house we treat them all the same. We have the same love for each child. But days like this point out the obvious. There is another woman in their hearts. And that's ok. That is the way God has designed their story. Weeks like this are messy. They are painful. For everyone. For their birth mom. For the adoptive mom. And especially for the children. It is weeks like this that I need to slow down. Hug more children. Read more books. Bake some extra brownies. Their little hearts are hurting as they process why in the world they have two moms. Why in the world do they not live with their biological mom? After all, they grew in her tummy? It is hard for them. But we talk about it. We talk about how God is in control. God loves them. God has a plan for them. Maybe someday they will love, hug, pray, bake some extra brownies for a precious little one who needs extra love and care. This is a hard week for a lot of people. A lot of women who long to be mothers. A lot of children who long for a relationship with their mother. Or their child. It is weeks like this where we cling to the Father. Our perfect Heavenly Father. We count our gifts. We are thankful for how God teaches us through the messy. God can teach my precious 6 and 7 year old about His goodness even in the midst of their pain. They are in pain this week. A lot of people are. Heavenly Father, we dance with you in the rain. We accept your goodness to us. And we humbly ask you to use us this week to bless those around us.


Jeannie said...

Dear Aisling,
I was thinking of you today and checked your blog. It brought tears to my eyes. Tears of joy that those wonderful children have you and James to love them as well as Conor and Erin. May God bless you and your family. Give everyone a hug:)


James and Aisling Solarek said...

Thank you Jeannie! You are such a sweet friend to us. God has gifted us with our children. May we serve Him fully forever and always :)

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